Director of the museum and co-curator of the exhibition

Sharmila Samant’s The Mumbai WeaveAnd so in room after room, one gets to not just view, but also experience these evocative textile artworks. But artist Paula isn’t offended by these labels, for she feels that the focus should lie on talent and creativity. “Textiles define culture through the relationship between body, cloth, selfhood, identities and fashion,” avers Tasneem.”

A finished fabric is more than just a piece of cloth, because closely connected with it is the material’s history — how it was produced, by whom and for whom — and the answers to these questions throw up complex narratives surrounding hegemony, identity and liberty. “Craft is not a bad word, because there are artists who create textiles for a living and their work must not be undermined,” she says.An exhibition shines the spotlight on textile artworks and encourages us to trace the metaphors and meanings locked in them.” Artist Lavanya pipes in by saying, “We need to go beyond these narrow definitions.In another room sits artist Rakhi Peswani’s installation called A Monument to Exhaustion.

Artist Sharmila Samant’s installation, titled The Mumbai Weave, is a mammoth loom that sits proudly at the centre of the Industrial Arts Gallery. Artist Anita Dube’s visceral installation titled Silence (Blood Wedding) presents human bones covered in different fabrics, prodding us to lapse into contemplation about the sensuality of textiles and their relationship with our bodies. Rakhi Peswani’s Fruits of Labour (A Monument to Exhaustion) Meters and meters of blood red yarn envelopes everyday objects like a chandelier or a pair of shoes, obscuring them and sucking these inanimate objects into a world full of symbolism and meaning. This immersive, cavernous work, which features larger-than-life drops of blood seeping through an expansive patchwork quilt, creates a dreamlike atmosphere in which one feels compelled to think about working conditions of those in the unorganised sector, family relationships and a plethora of other things. White and gold threads pass through the loom and fuse into a single piece of fabric, signaling the idea of unity and the important role played by diverse cultural identities. So it’s important to look at the metaphors and ideas embedded in textile artworks. Her installation is closely connected to her personal history and makes us realize how our lives too are made up of several moments and memories, just like a patchwork quilt.”. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum’s latest and most.

Textiles in Contemporary Practice. Artist Sharmila echoes this viewpoint by saying, “We need to re-look at definitions and categorizations that separate textile makers from ‘artists’.Though textiles might seem like a strange object to take centre stage in Black sheared fur faux fur fabric an exhibition, Tasneem Zakaria Mehta, Managing Trustee and Honorary Director of the museum and co-curator of the exhibition, says, “For ages, artists have used textiles as a medium to express narratives that encompass personal histories, gender, political standpoints and so many other ideas.Layered with meaning, these laborious works of love provoke us to re-look at the way we perceive textile artworks since often, they are looked at as being ‘craft or hobby projects’, rather than serious works of art. As artists, our job is to make people see things differently. At another spot, artist Paula Sengupta’s installation —Rivers of Blood — shines the spotlight on Nakshi Kantha, a traditional quilting practice from Bangladesh. These categories have come about because of colonization and we need to break them. Apart from these artists, one can also view the works of Anju Dodhia, Archana Hande, Desmond Lazaro, Lavanya Mani, Manish Nai, Manisha Parekh, Nilima Sheikh, Priya Ravish Mehra, Pushpamala N, Reena Saini Kallat, Shakuntala Kulkarni and Shezad Dawood. The exhibition showcases the work of 17 artists, whose artworks reference, complement and blend seamlessly with the existing textile collection at the museum. This surreal installation has been envisioned by artist Monali Meher and is part of Dr

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When your outfit is quite on the jazzy side

Mark two inches above new hem to fray the fringe. Toss your newly frayed jeans in the washing machine and dryer!Unevenly speakingCut hem just above the stitch line. Blue Panax Denax Beach Wool faux fur fabric You can’t say that the thought of slipping your feet into a pair of comfy slides right when you get out of bed, is not comforting. Use scissors to cut tiny horizontal strips that are about one-inch in width from the bottom of the hem to where you have made your marking. Cut across, using the drawn line as a guide. There is no proper aesthetic sense to the design of pool slides and it covers just the top half of your foot leaving it backless, but it has an unfussy, casual quality that is great for high street looks.

Although, it doesn’t give you great posture and is not meant to help you have a stylish walk. Draw a line across the front side of each leg.”Boyfriend jeans and loose fitting dresses are the way to go when you wear slides as Nischita Babu, a stylist recommends, “The looks you can create with slides is more on the youthful side and you can easily transition them from day to night and you will be assured comfort as well. The loafer slide makes for a more polished look without being too out there. Use tweezers to tug on white threads to loosen up edges.

Designer Monali Ranka comments, “There is no denying that slides are chic and very in at the moment. The thing with slides is that they are so comfortable and you can wear it anywhere and everywhere.”Do it yourselfFrayed hemlines on denim are all the rage this season. Remove a few of the white horizontal threads, one at a time. Use the seam ripper to remove the side hems up to the marked line. Wear those slides anywhere you want, because they are making a huge comeback this season! Girls who have been voting for comfort over anything, take a bow, your moment is here!These funky, almost shower-style slippers have taken the lead from high powered stilettos, with celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez, Karisma Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and even Ranveer Singh jumping on the bandwagon!Slides are incredible for transitioning between seasons. Here’s how you can destroy your denim without pinching your pocket!Fabulous fringeYou’ll need: chalk, ruler, tweezers, scissors and jeans.

When your outfit is quite on the jazzy side, a pair of slides can lend it that necessary relaxed vibe. But here is what will make you feel even better. Measure and mark where to cut hem. Jacqueline Fernandez has been using these fur slides as a summer staple. I measured two inches initially but added another half inch later.The comfort factor it brings to a fun, casual look is an absolute merit. It can be paired up with absolutely anything too,” she says.The loafer slide makes for a more polished look without being too out there.Aswathi Balakrishnan, a fashion blogger rightly points out that the innovative customisations that several international brands have embraced this season, has brought the footwear back in style! “What started out as normal pool slides were taken up by several luxury designer brands that brought a spin on them with fur, fancy stones and sequins which made it look beautiful

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We expect the redi-GO to boast of the same

Datsun has priced its products competitively in the past and the same is expected of the redi-GO.The ExteriorsMoving on, unlike the SUV-ish set-up of the Kwid, Datsun's offering is toned down a little to look more like a hatchback with a tall stance. Datsun redi-GO The pictures from its unveiling indicate, design-wise, a job well done as well. Renault, on the other hand, has a better dealer network; not the best, but it works for the Kwid and its other cars. The only shared attributes are the underpinnings and the mechanicals, which should be fine by every standard, since the Kwid is a nimble handler with adequate power.Source: CarDekho. For this reason, its price might undercut the Kwid’s, which is already the cheapest in the segment. The only obstacle we foresee is the low number of Datsun dealerships. Thanks to the all-new design, the revealed sketches has helped build the curiosity around the car. The question is whether it can match the success of the Kwid, as the redi-GO is based on the same platform.

It seemed a good idea initially, but you and I realised that looking at the same cars with different expressions on their faces wasn’t that much fun, didn’t we Speaking of the redi-GO, looks-wise, it shares nothing with the Renault Kwid. Bottomline The redi-GO might turn out to be a hit in the big cities, while it might struggle in the smaller ones, which also contribute a huge chunk of sales for manufacturers.

Other design highlights include short front and rear overhangs, front and rear faux skid plates, and twin tri-spoke wheel caps. The design is that aspect where the company seems to have massively taken off from what they have been following so far with the Go and Go+. The sides get flared wheel arches along with a bold line that climbs up to merge into the sporty tail lamp. The pictures from its unveiling indicate, design-wise, a job well done as well.Datsun unveiled its small-sized hatchback, the redi-GO, a few days back. The brand might benefit from Nissan’s Blue Panax Denax Beach Wool faux fur fabric dealership reach, but then this is just an assumption.

We expect the redi-GO to boast of the same. Nonetheless, one can’t mistake it to look any less stylish than the Kwid and, in my opinion, it looks more modern, compared to not just the Kwid, but the Hyundai Eon and the Maruti Alto 800 too.The pictures from its unveiling indicate, design-wise, a job well done as well. Not a Rebadged Car!For starters, the car looks good and, thankfully, the manufacturer has finally ditched the rebadging idea which was followed for the Renault Pulse and Nissan Micra (as well as others) by the Renault-Nissan alliance. The name needs no introduction since the manufacturer has been letting out information about the car for quite some time now.The stretched-back headlamps on either side of the chrome grille and that scoopy-sculpting on that lower bumper looks nicely held together. The redi-GO is a stylish car

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People need to be educated about the benefits of bamboo

”While the fashion industry has been aiming towards sustainable fashion for a while now, Madhu feels the introduction of this fabric is going to be the legacy she will be leaving behind. “As a designer I am going to complete 30 years this year and I feel this textile is my lasting legacy to the fashion world and to the Indian handicraft industry.”

“India is the second-largest producer of bamboo globally, and I thought that it would be worthwhile to work on it. The textile — produced by my master weavers and myself — is first of its kind on the textiles map,” says the designer. So when in 2000, she started experimenting with more eco-friendly yarns, she thought of bamboo and was deeply interested in working on something with it.”However, Madhu feels the economy will benefit from the textile only after people are educated about it. Luckily, I found that yarn from this luscious grass family is extremely responsive to being woven into a durable textile. Bamboo is biodegradable, which means that its ecological footprint is negligible when compared to, say, factory-produced cloth.”The fabric, which she terms as “fabric of the future”, would be beneficial for the textile industry as well. Now, the designer has finally come up with a new fabric called “bamboo-silk ikat”, which she claims has “the potential to change the face of the way we understand the evolution of textiles. It can make one’s clothes last longer, and help retain the shape and texture too. We need to protect and grow livelihoods of India’s rural poor and this can give a boost to their economy.

People need to be educated about the benefits of bamboo textiles,” she signs off.According to Madhu, there’s a huge potential in any textile that includes bamboo. I combined bamboo with cotton, khadi, chanderi and wool. Aashali Shukla in a bamboo-silk ikat outfit. “The textile is a demonstration of how even the fashion industry can strive towards sustainability.Designer Madhu Jain has recycled faux fur fabric Suppliers come up with a new fabric called ‘bamboo-silk ikat’ which she believes is going to be the fabric of the future. But we have to build acceptability of this textile among the masses. (Photograph by Rohit Chawla) Anything to do with heritage and history has always fascinated veteran fashion designer Madhu Jain. In 2004, I introduced bamboo in India as an alternative, eco-friendly textile at the 7th World Bamboo Congress in New Delhi. She explains, “Since it is found in abundance in the Northeast, extracting this yarn will give a fillip to bamboo farmers.Textiles made of cotton, wool or silk could benefit hugely from the infusion of bamboo yarn. “Bamboo blends beautifully with other fibres by lending them strength and durability

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Scientists have developed a bionic hand that uses artificial

Current technology works by directly controlling the prosthetic motors with a few muscular signals.After testing their prototype, researchers have found that new oil Seal Manufacturers machine learning-based control was far better than currently available tech.In addition to types of function, patients could also control the speed of individual movement independently of other movements.Prior to use, the patient and bionic hand underwent training so the machine learning algorithm could 'learn' how to interpret their unique electronic signals.The new bionic hand uses a human-machine interface that interprets the patient's intentions and sends commands to the artificial limb.The researchers say this is an essential component for movements that feel natural.After testing their prototype on five amputees, researchers from Imperial College London in the UK and the University of Gottingen in Germany found that new machine learning-based control was far better at providing natural, fluid movements than the currently available technology.

This new technology takes us a step closer to achieving this," said Dario Farina, from Imperial. Current technology works by directly controlling the prosthetic motors with a few muscular signals.It contains eight electrodes that pick up weak electrical signals from the patient's stump, before amplifying them and sending them to a mini-computer, also located in the prosthetic."Following this clinical study, we hope to have this available on the market for patients within three years," he said."When designing bionic limbs, our main goal is to let patients control them as naturally as though they were their biological limbs.

Scientists have developed a bionic hand that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret muscular signals from brain activity and make more natural movements - an advance that may pave the way for a new generation of prosthetic limbs."The new bionic hand is not only more natural but it is also superior in terms of functionality in daily tasks than what's currently available to patients," said Farina.The researchers are currently working to gain greater control over the hand, including the ability to move individual fingers and eliminate the need for electrodes by transferring signals wirelessly within the patient's body.The mini-computer then runs the machine learning algorithm to interpret the signals, before commanding the hand's motors to move in the way the patient wants..Patients found they were able to easily rotate the wrist and open the hand either simultaneously or separately. For example, patients could turn the hand slowly but open it quickly at the same time. They also found the movements far more natural than the conventional bionic limbs they were used to

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It’s a learned behaviour, as adults throw sand

Studies also found evidence of sun damage in the cells of blue whales, fin whales, and sperm whales.While it’s a well-known advisory for humans to slather on that SPF before taking in the rays, what about animals GIRAFF COPY.However, some creatures are equipped to protect themselves. “They also retreat to burrows, shady areas or water; wallow in water or mud; or spray dust or water on themselves when the Sun is at its peak.Additionally, hippos “excrete a pinkish liquid that wells up in droplets on their faces or behind their ears or necks.” This substance is found to absorb UV light and prevent bacterial growth.”

So which animals are more susceptible to sunburn According to Tony Barthel, curator of the Elephant House and the Cheetah Conservation Station at Smithsonian’s National Zoo, elephants, rhinos, and freshly shorn sheep are especially at risk. “Wild animals are marvelously adapted to their environment, so those in areas with lots of sunlight usually have scales, feathers, or fur to protect them,” Calle continued. “Some people theorise that giraffes have black tongues because they are out of their mouths a lot, and they don’t want to get sunburned on their tongues,” Barthel told Smithsonian.

It’s a learned behaviour, as adults throw sand on their young. According to Calle, some creatures instinctively protect themselves.However, the Sun affects different creatures in different ways.Snakes and reptiles can thank their scales for providing a little extra protection; not only do their scales protect them from UV rays, but they also help retain moisture. For instance, the first eight or nine inches of a giraffe’s tongue is black and the rest is pink. When biology doesn’t cover it, some animals have developed their own tricks.. Elephants throw sand on themselves in an effort to avoid sunburn.jpg White dyed fox fur faux fur fabric While it’s a well-known advisory for humans to slather on that SPF before taking in the rays, what about animals “Animals can get sunburn, just as people do, from too much sun exposure,” Paul Calle, chief veterinarian at the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Bronx, told The New York Times

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